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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

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Safety and Security 

What measures are taken in securing my account data?

Data encryption ensures your account and its contents stay safe. Buzzwork staff do not access an individual user's account details for any reason, ever, unless a profile has been flagged for suspicious activity.


We take added measures in promoting a safe space for our subscribers while on Buzzwork. To learn more about what kinds of content constistute as inappropriate for Buzzwork, please view our Community Guidelines

Will you sell or use my data in any way not explicitly outlined in Buzzwork's Privacy Policy?

No. Your data will never be used in any way we have not clearly stated in our Privacy Policy.

Subscription Plans

How do I access previously saved entries that are no longer accessible because of my chosen subscription plan?

Unfortunately, past entries not covered by your chosen data savings plan are lost forever. We recommend upgrading to a ProPlanner Subscription for that reason, and entries are accessible for a full 12 months out of your calendar year.

Opting into a Free Subscriber Plan promises access to 3 months of past and present entries at no cost. Other limitations apply.

What am I paying for when subscribing to a paid plan?

You are paying for storage, added features, and conveniences that make for a better time while using Buzzwork. To review a comprehensive explanation of our subscription plans and policies, please go to Buzzwork's Subscription Agreement page.

Can I upgrade my subscription plan?

Most definitely! Upgrade your subscription plan by going to Buzzwork's main menu at the top left of your screen. Housed under Settings, you can upgrade your subscription plan with the click of a button.


Profile and Social Sharing

How do I activate my subscribe-to button?

You can activate your subscriber button only if you have a paid ProPlanner subscription. 


Activate your subscribe button by going to your profile page and clicking the ellipsis at the top right corner of the screen. There, you will access your profile's Settings.

How do I set my profile to private?

You can set your profile to private by going to your profile page and clicking the ellipsis at the top right corner of the screen. There, you will access your profile's Settings.

What can out of network users see when my profile is set to public?

If your profile is set to public, out of network users can view a limited number of image and video posts saved to your publicly visible profile. Out of network users cannot see or comment on status updates.​ Status updates are visible to strictly in-network friends.


How do I find an out of network friend on Buzzwork?

Following account verification, you will gain access to Buzzwork's social features which include chat, image and video sharing, status updates, plus a personalized profile. Search for friends to connect with by heading to the social section of Buzzwork. Access the ellipsis menu at the top right corner of the screen and enter a user's first and last name. Should a user's profile be set to private, you will need to know their account username to successfully search and connect.

Community Guidelines

What kinds of content are considered inappropriate for Buzzwork?

To keep our community safe, we prohibit the dissemination of certain kinds of content, including but not limited to those promoting hate speech, misinformation, pornography or sexually suggestive images, animal cruelty, illicit drugs and controlled substances, self harm, and suicide.

Why am I being prevented from posting to my profile?

In certain cases, typically when a user's profile has been flagged or reported, account activity will be inhibited for an indefinite period of time. You will still have access to scheduling and productivity tools for the duration of your account suspension period.  

community guidelines
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